Frequently Asked Questions

We ship our curry sauce across Ireland.

Yes, our curry sauce is made without any dairy ingredients. It does not contain milk powder or any ingredients related to lactose. It is completely dairy-free.

Yes, our product is vegan-friendly, made with fresh Irish fruits, vegetables, and exotic spices from the Far East.

Our curry sauce is made with minimal sugar content, only 1.1 grams per jar. However, we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before consuming it if you have diabetes.

Shipping is a standard rate of €6 across Ireland and is 100% free on all orders above €45+.

Our curry sauce can be stored chilled or ambient.

Our curry sauce can be kept for up to a year if stored properly.

Yes, we work with wholesalers. Send us an email at with your enquiry.

Our curry sauce is made in our food factory in Ireland.